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Martinique is a French speaking tropical island in the Caribbean with a dramatic history and beautiful coast. If you like wreck diving in th morning and cruising a great coral reef in the afternoon, then you should book a stay on Martinique. When you are finished exploring, you can also enjoy the fabulous sandy beaches, impressive mountains, great food and rich diversity of the islan'sd culture. Get instant rate quotes and reservations for; La Suite Villa, Le Cap Lagoon Resort, Hotel Bakoua, Hotel La Pagerie and Hotel Plein Soleil.

Dive shop operators are nearby the resorts and will take you on adventures around the islands coast. Dive excursions and training is booked upon arrival. Have a great dive vacation.

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Dive Sites in Martinique
Unique to this island divers experience 12 ancient wrecks to supplement a coastline of coral reefs and dramatic offshore rock formations, tunnels and walls. Dive sites on Martinique are: Pointe Borgnèse, Barradive, Les 3 Vallées, Petit mur, Titanic,Ralf, Foufoune, Baronne, Poulpe, Turtle, and Atlantica.
Reef Map for Martinique

Dive excursions and training can be booked upon arrival at your resort. Scuba diving operators in Martinique: Kalinago Dive Club
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Martinique Diving Center near the resorts
Kalinago diving Club, Sainte-Anne, Martinique