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Isla Margarita "the Island of Pearls", is a tropical Caribbean island located near Venezuela. It's a popular resort destination for Latin American and European tourists. Resort diving is popular on Margarita, so come prepared to explore It is not unusual to spot dolphins or whales just offshore.

We provide rate quotes and reservations for the Ikin Margarita Hotel, the Sunsol Isla Caribe, the Hesperia Isla Margarita, the Lidotel Hotel and the Tropical Refuge resort. These are some of the best resorts on Isla Margarita.

Dive excursions and dive training can be booked through the resort upon arrival. Scuba diving operators are nearby the resorts and will gladly supply all transportation. Choose any one of our great resorts and you'll have a wonderful dive vacation.

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Dive Sites in Margarita
Unique to this island divers will experience: sheltered reefs, walls, caves.
Recommended dive sites: Los Frailes, La Pecha, Payape, Pena, Infierno, Punta Rajunao, and Echao.

Dive excursions and training can be booked upon arrival at your resort. Scuba diving operators in Margarita: CasaTrudel, and Enomis Divers.
Transportation is normally provided to and from your resort by the dive operator.
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Enomis Divers- Isla de Margarita, Nueva Esparta