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Along the coast of Barbados there are dozens of great dive sites . You can explore nine sunken wrecks or drift along a vibrant coral reef. Barbados resort dive sites boast calm tropical waters and visibility around 80 to 90 feet! The shore along the west coast is especially ideal for new divers.

Make reservations on Resort Diving for a romantic dive adventure on Barbados. Book early if you want to reserve a room at the Hilton Resort, Sandals Barbados or the Bougainvillea Beach Resorts. Include a 5 day dive package and explore the vibrant coral reefs, see dramatic sea fans and more than 50 varieties of fish. Barbados is a West Indian island in the Caribbean with a rich history, blessed with turquoise waters and miles of pristine beaches. Enjoy a vacation on Barbados!

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Dive Sites in Barbados
Unique to this island divers experience: coral reefs, sandy channels, drift dives, walls, lobster, wrecks, and shark dives: Maycocks Bay, Dottins, Caribbee, Bright Ledge, Victor's, Highwire, Carlisle Bay Wrecks, Berwyn, barge, Corn Wallis, The Pamir, and the SS Stavronikita.
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Dive excursions and training can be booked upon arrival at your resort. Scuba diving operators in Barbados: Barbados Blue Dive Center and ECO Divers. The dive centers are close by the resorts and will usually pick you up and return you after your dive.
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Eco Divers - Bridgetown, Barbados